My Pregnancy Story: Part 2

My Pregnancy Story: Part 2

The Second Trimester

Good-bye sleepy head! I know the hubby was relieved that the first trimester of pure fatigue had run its course, and I was able to do a little bit more now. When entering the new phase I wondered what was in store for me.

No one told me!

One thing for sure is that I still did not experience morning sickness. Thankful does not even begin to express my gratitude. However, … I didn’t realize I would be signing up for severe pain too soon either. Between week 14-15, I learned that I do not have a high tolerance for pain. Apparently, there’s this thing called a “round ligament” that develops during pregnancy. It attaches from the uterus to the pelvis. Well, new developments are certainly wonderful and all, but geez! I wish I had been forewarned. So, FYI ladies, developing this awesome new ligament that helps prep your body to bear your beautiful child or children might be painful for some and SUPER painful for others. Unlike the luck I got with not having morning sickness, I was not so lucky this time. I just figured, ‘This is pregnancy…’

I was in excruciating pain when this ligament developed. But at the time, I did not know the reason for the pain. I called my doctor’s office and was told to take Tylenol. Eventually, I could barely walk I was in so much pain. Sleeping became difficult and the pain lasted longer than I thought it should, so Brandon and I thought it best to go to the doctor. Baby girl was perfectly fine, thank goodness. The doctor confirmed that it was round ligament pain and said to take off work for the remaining two days. The pain was so not worth it, but okay Doc! Whatever you say is best!

I felt baby girl!

Okay, so yes throughout this post, I will refer to my baby girl as just that, or honey bun. We have yet to come up with a name, but we do have options. Just wait!

Brandon and I were out of town for my birthday, and we were in line at Ben and Jerry’s. I must have rubbed my belly because I could feel a portion of her body pressed up against the inner surface of my belly. I was ecstatic! I let Brandon feel, and he was astonished. And then the tears… Well this time since we were in public they just welled up in my eyes. I let the beautiful waterfall take place once we finally made it in the car because I could feel her again. I was just so happy and amazed at the life growing inside. God is so amazing.

Baby girl’s kicks and punches

This was a moment that I was waiting for all pregnancy. I was looking forward to experiencing my baby’s movements, well, actually being aware that they were taking place. The moment finally came when I was on the couch. At times I’ll have my belly out and rub it while talking to her. Well, one of these times she kicked, and my stomach bumped up, and I freaked! I was so excited! Even now every time she moves and bumps and shakes my belly about, I’m still excited like it’s the first time. She just makes everything better and makes mommy so happy already.

Planning and Prepping

Can you name the other part of having a baby that’s exciting? If you guessed decorating the nursery then you’re the realest! Yes! Surprisingly, it wasn’t hard to decide the theme of the nursery. Brandon’s favorite animal is giraffes, and I wanted to share that with our honey bun. So, giraffe theme it is! Of course, I have to put some of myself in there so we’re going with light colors of gray, white, and pink with accents of gold! I want it to be cute and elegant. The second trimester proved the perfect time to begin shopping for all things nursery so I got to work! I can’t wait to share photos of the finished product with you!

During this time we also began creating our registries. This part was both fun and tiring. Choosing clothes was so easy. Baby clothes are so adorable, especially for baby girls so I’m sure you can imagine how that was! It was the research on important things like a car seat, stroller, and even a crib mattress that required more attention. Safety first!

Driving is scary.

I’ve been extra cautious when driving. One day we were driving on an interstate and a large buck ran across the interstate, paused for a split second in front of our car, and bolted forward. Brandon had to slam on breaks, and by reflex, immediately put his arm across my belly and chest. I was a mess… All I could think about was my honey bun’s life being in danger and that scared me to the fullest.

Pregnancy brain is real.

Okay, now this… This is just funny. Pregnancy brain for me consists of forgetfulness, word and letter confusion when speaking, and according to my husband, increased indecisiveness. This is the worst at work. I can’t seem to think as quickly and never have I stumbled over my words so much. It’s ridiculous yet funny.

Now, the icing on the cake would be the day I wore two different color flats to work, black and brown. Yes, that happened! A coworker noticed it, and I about died from laughter! Thankfully, Brandon had the day off and brought my other black flat. Whew!

See, more did happen in the second trimester! I love carrying my beautiful daughter, but I sure can’t wait to hold her in my arms.


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