My Birth Story

My Birth Story

It was finally here!

After all the months of tons of doctors visits, planning, attending birthing classes, being showered, preparing the house, and decorating, the moment had come to meet our baby!

I spent…

37 weeks walking on egg shells to keep my little one safe in my womb.

37 weeks loving baby girl unconditionally even though I hadn’t met her.

37 weeks researching ALL the things.

37 weeks watching videos of her weekly growth.

37 weeks in disbelief that I was going to be a mommy and Brandon a daddy.

37 weeks waiting for this exact moment, her birth!

You’re Kidding!

It was a regular Monday, a regular work day. It was March 11, 2019. I had a pre-natal appointment, so I left work thinking I would be coming back to complete the afternoon.

We got to the doctor’s office and first had an ultrasound. The tech checked the baby’s weight, and it was lower than the last time. Strange… The tech looked concerned and said she would speak with our doctor. When the doctor finally came in, she said, “So, who wants to have a baby tomorrow?”

I was in shock! I was only 37 weeks! Granted that is full-term BUT by my calculations, I still had three weeks left to go! My first response was, “Are you joking?!” Lol, yes I asked my doctor that and very seriously I might add. Lol!

Turns out that the baby’s weight at the visit the week before was incorrect. Our little one that day was estimated at 5 pounds and 3 ounces, very small for that stage. The doctor said it was best to go ahead and take her now to see if she would thrive better outside of the womb. She went on to discuss the next steps. We were to go to the hospital that evening and have a little baby girl the next day! I must admit I was in a complete daze after she initially said we’d be having a baby the next day! Some of the things she said from then onward sounded like Charlie Brown’s teacher in the background. Thank goodness for my other half who was taking it all in for me! (Love you, babe!)

Preparation helped drastically!

If I had never been so prepared for anything in my life, well this just wasn’t one of those times. My hospital bag was packed. The nursery was completed. The bassinet was built. And multiple diaper caddies were ready. We had to straighten up a little bit but it wasn’t too bad before heading to the hospital.

One thing on the to-do-list that we planned to complete that same week was meal prep. I had pinned so many meals to make and freeze to have for weeks! Unfortunately that did not get done, but I’m proud of everything else we did accomplish in time! It definitely made the unexpected news that day more bearable. I didn’t have to stress about anything.

SN: Brandon is the absolute sweetest and insisted I take a nice bubble bath before we left for the hospital. That husband of mine! Thank you, Jesus.

To the hospital

It still felt like a dream on the way to the hospital. After we were settled in the room, the nurse gave me something that was to help me dilate. All I could do was pray. The next morning, I was only like 3 centimeters. Not good for pushing. They induced me and broke my water and things began getting even more real! The contractions weren’t the worse thing in the world, but I didn’t allow it to get to that point either! Epidural please! Thanks!

I was beyond nervous about getting the epidural because I am extremely afraid of needles. But surprisingly, the needle wasn’t even the most terrible part! It was hunching over my big pregnant belly, like I was some experienced, flexible gymnast that was horrendous. I survived!

Several hours had gone by and it was 5:00ish and I had only dilated to about 6 cm. It was not looking like I was going to dilate anymore. According to the doctor I should have been way further if not pushing the required 10 cm. One of my nightmares was becoming my reality, a cesarean section.

I held off as long as I could before the doctor said that the contractions were too much for baby girl to handle. They noticed an issue with her heart rate and they QUICKLY prepped me for surgery.

Here I was, yet again, in dream mode. Everything became a blur. I have never had surgery before, but I do know it’s a big deal, and I was a little nervous. To ensure I stayed calm, I repeatedly kept thinking to myself, “People have c-sections all the time…” They wheeled me off to the OR in the hospital bed, and I looked up at the ceiling and the lights and literally thought, “Ha, this is just like the movies.” No joke! This is where my thoughts went as I was heading to have my child. I came back to the reality that I was about to undergo surgery, and I remember looking back at Brandon and mouthing, “I love you.”

And then, there were three

This was happening. The doctors and nurses got to work hustling and bustling to bring the newest member to our little family into the world. I’m sure she was rather comfy in her cocoon, but it was time for her to be in her mommy’s arms.

Everything happened so quickly, I don’t remember too much. Brandon had come in of course. I barely remember them dividing my top and bottom half with a curtain. I do remember the anesthesiologist telling me what I’d be experiencing as he doped me with more meds so that I wouldn’t feel a thing. He said I would be awake and that if I felt anything, it would only be a little pressure. I couldn’t tell what else went on after that. I was just waiting to hear that sweet, wailing cry from my baby.

Then it came.

I heard my sweet baby’s cry. A nurse came around holding our Harper Elise – the name we had just decided on while there – and I cried. There she was. The little human who took up residence inside my body for 37 weeks. I laugh about it now, but immediately after seeing her, I wondered if she looked like her dad or me. I couldn’t decide. I just knew that she was beautiful, breathing, healthy, and had a very pointy cone head.

Wow! I was now a mom. It is one of the most beautiful things in this world, and God saw fit to bless me with His daughter. There is no other feeling than what I experienced that day on March 12, 2019.

Harper’s birth may not have gone as planned, but we did plan and pray for a healthy, sweet baby girl, and God answered our prayers!



  1. Erin Favorite
    October 24, 2019 / 9:23 pm

    Such a beautiful story and uniquely yours. God truly blessed y’all.

    • Alyssa
      November 1, 2019 / 5:46 pm

      Thank you, sis! When I was experiencing contractions, I remember thinking to myself, “I don’t know how Erin went that long with no epidural!” Lol! I didn’t even let it get that bad. I didn’t want to know. What I felt was ENOUGH! Lol! You’re a good one!

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