How To Avoid Workplace Gossip

How To Avoid Workplace Gossip

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Scenario 1:

So you’ve completed college and unless you’re going into graduate school or taking a year or so off, you’re finally ready to enter the professional workforce! You are on cloud nine and high on life! No more Cinderella-slaving away to get assignments done and late nights studying. You’ve put on your glass slippers and floated across the stage and said “I Do” to your diploma. You are ready to adult and enter the workforce and are excited that petty people and dramatic situations are now behind you because there’s no way that professional, working adults have drama, right?

WRONG! As much as I’d like to be your fairy god mother and poof the perfect working situation for you, the fact is you might encounter people whose petty ways never fade.

Have no fear though! Entering the professional workforce is definitely exciting and yet another stage in life to master. However, there are methods when it comes to entering with grace and ensuring your impeccable character isn’t diminished.

Scenario 2:

You finally have a new job. Yay! I’m right here with you guys, so I will be following my own advice! We know how a typical workplace environment operates, but now, we are encountering new individuals. We have to prepare ourselves for anything!

Scenario 3:

You’ve been on the professional scene for a bit and have gotten relaxed and comfortable with your coworkers. And hey, just because you’re tenured doesn’t mean that you don’t need or want tips on how to stop or stay away from indulging in gossip. No worries! You can follow along too!

The Scoop…

Remember, we’re the newbie in the organization so mostly everyone else there already knows the deal. They know the cliques, how one another behaves and operates, and which managers/supervisors appropriately involve themselves or just simply do not care as long as the work is done.

We might experience coworkers who will attempt to warn us about other people’s personalities and behaviors. While they might mean well and we might be happy to receive the “heads up,” we don’t want to allow their opinions to affect our attitude or emotions towards others.

In a workplace, most employees eventually work together at some capacity anyway, so we wouldn’t want others to sour the experience before we get a chance to determine things for ourselves and form our own beliefs.

So how can we welcome this new part of life with open arms and refrain from gossip? Truth is, it might be difficult, BUT it’s not impossible.

5 Ways to Avoid Gossip at Work

  1. Prepare yourself mentally and spiritually. Make up your mind beforehand the type of person you want to be in the workforce. Speak these things, in faith, over yourself. Pray for positive experiences with all of your coworkers and managers/supervisors.
  2. Voice your intentions. Politely ask the other person(s) if y’all can discuss something else. You can even let them know upfront that you aren’t one for gossip.
  3. Change the conversation. Interrupt the gossip with questions regarding your training or operation of the office or with questions to get to know your new coworkers.
  4. Make your own observations and opinions. Allow yourself time to observe others in the workplace and form your own opinion. Do not disclose those opinions to others in destructive gossip.
  5. Stay in your lane. Simply mind your own business. You can excuse yourself and walk away from conversation. Distract yourself with work related tasks. Distract yourself on your phone or put in headphones and listen to music. Do whatever you need to do not to engage.

Altogether, just know your good character and stay faithful to that. If you want to improve your character, it’s not too late to take a stand to better yourself.

So, let’s talk!..

How do you handle gossip in the workplace?

Have you had any bad experiences that were gossip related? How did it turn out?

Was this blog post helpful?

What more would you like to know about life in the workforce?


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The Biblical Scoop!

“With their mouths the godless destroy their neighbors, but through knowledge the righteous escape.” – Proverbs 11:9


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