Determining If You Are Experiencing Fear Or An Unsettled Heart

Determining If You Are Experiencing Fear Or An Unsettled Heart

For the Goal-Oriented Dream Seekers

Someone once shared with me how she wanted to live out her passion and not just teach it. She studied music when she was in school, but didn’t like the original direction she was headed. She described what she had felt as an “unsettling” in her heart. To elaborate, she had no peace in her heart for what she was doing. So, she changed her goal, felt peace enter her heart, and was reassured she made the right decision!

I thought the phrasing of that, “unsettled heart,” was so interesting because I had never thought it in that way. That might sound crazy, but truly, I’ve always only thought of those unsure feelings that you can get in your heart or gut as feelings of uncertainty, doubt, or fear.

It was like a spiritual light bulb had gone off inside me! Turns out, I had been feeling an unsettled heart ever since I graduated from high school! I thought it was just fear of my declared major and what I was striving for at the time then fear that I wouldn’t be accepted into graduate school.

This new perspective gave me more clarity on the decision I made to withdraw from my professional school. I realized that my unsettled heart was not going anywhere. It followed me throughout college and when I entered the workforce because I was still pursuing the field where I thought I belonged. In reality, I was not pursuing the career because I was passionate for it but because it would provide sure financial stability. I thought I could make it through school and be okay and become adjusted to parts of the field I strongly disliked.

I’m sure you hear it all the time that people aren’t working in their field of study or are unhappy in their careers because it’s not their dream or passion. Well, I bet that more times than not, people had that unsettling in their hearts but they chose not to listen. They either, played it safely and went for the plan they knew would work, or they were so far into it, they couldn’t see a way for change.

As for me, I was afraid of how I would feel in the long term had I kept pushing forward. I feared having a life of unhappiness regardless of my level of success.

Fear Can Lead to Failure to Try

Fear can paralyze your efforts and affect you spiritually, emotionally, and physically. With fear, you’re so afraid of failing or you fear the unknown so much that you’re not willing to try or attempt to step outside the box or do what is needed to reach a goal.

Being fearful can cause you to be hard on yourself before you even put yourself out there. You start having negative thoughts and think you’re a failure before you’ve even begun!

You might have an idea for a business but then hear or read about the failures people endure so you think there’s no way you’d be one of the few who succeed because of ‘this or that’ and you talk yourself out of it. Then, because you didn’t even try you feel like a failure anyway. So, what’s the point of fearing it (whatever your IT is) in the first place?

Sometimes you might experience fear, but you try anyway. Maybe you fail. Maybe you succeed. Either way YOU TRIED! And that’s better than what most people can say. So, kudos to you! And to the others, stick with A Spoonful of Character, and you’ll get there!

Unsettled Heart = No Peace

An unsettled heart means that your heart is not at peace. Not being at peace with something can mean that you’re going through the motions and the steps needed to reach a goal and maybe you’re even succeeding at it. All the while, you have this overwhelming tugging at your heart. Well this tug is your spirit trying to let you know you’re moving in the wrong direction. Your heart is trying to tell you that you’re not aligning your goals towards your true destiny.

When you have peace in your heart, your efforts towards your goal just make sense. Everything just flows naturally for you. I’m not saying that your journey will be “easy,” but you won’t have any doubts that what you’re working towards is the right move for you. You will literally be jumping out of the bed in the morning, excited to start your day and live for or work towards your purpose.

You Can Do It!

I’m here to encourage Y-O-U. You have nothing to fear but what fear will keep you from doing. If you’re not at peace with something, pray about it and change it! In all things, read His word, stay motivated, and step out on faith and do the work to achieve your goals!

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The Biblical Scoop!

Jesus said, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” – John 14:27

The Lord is my light and my salvation- whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life- of whom shall I be afraid? – Psalm 27:1


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