Being Obedient To Our Inner Voice

Being Obedient To Our Inner Voice


Over the past few months I’ve really noticed the Lord working in my spirit. But before I dive into that, let me get you in the right head space.

Think with me…

Do you know how we might have a thought about something, then go about our business, and something happens to where that initial thought comes back to haunt you?

Right! Me too! That seems to happen to me a lot. It can be pretty sad (pathetic type sad) because then I’m just like, ‘Well you should’ve followed your first mind.’


As I say that, memories of my mama constantly saying that to my sisters and me comes to mind. I hear you mother, loud and clear.


And sure, those thoughts are okay for when you might have just forgotten something at home before leaving. Or like when you thought about dinner and mentally told yourself to take the chicken out of the freezer but you didn’t do it right away. So in the middle of the work day when you think about dinner, you could hit yourself because you didn’t take the food out as soon as you thought about it. *raises hand* No, just me?!.. BUT you get my point right?!

Well, consider the times when you have thoughts about the people in your life. Maybe you wonder how they’re doing but life gets in the way so you never reach out. Maybe y’all discussed future lunch plans, but no one ever reached out again to make it happen. The scenarios are endless.

Nope, not having it!

Hopefully we can all attest to this in some way. I know for myself, situations such as these have happened. I’ve noticed it, and I’ve decided that I don’t want it to be a recurring habit throughout my life.

For one, it makes me feel unreliable and that’s a quality I do not wish to have. Secondly, I want to be true to my inner self.

When the heart speaks…

If someone is on my heart, I want to reach out to that person as soon as possible. More than likely, it’s the Lord placing that person/people on our spirit for a reason.

If we can’t contact that person right away, then we should say a quick prayer for him/her. We should then try our best to check on them later.

Coincidence or am I psychic?…

Sometimes it can almost feel as though we’re “psychic.” Let me explain…

When the thoughts you have about someone or something come to pass at a later date or something happens in that individual’s life then we might wonder if that’s why we thought of them.

When those thoughts come back to mind due to an occurrence with someone or you see that person, it’s almost unbelievable. Weird even… Some might think it’s just a coincidence. But really, it’s our spirit! So there should be no surprise once we recognize it!

We just have to be more receptive to what our inner voice is telling us.

My testimonies

Several months ago an old friend of mine kept coming to mind. Given the state I was in, I wasn’t ready to reach out. But she was continuously on my heart. I kept fighting it. Then something tragic happened in her life. She lost her mother… I knew then that instead of being hesitant about reaching out, I should’ve at least been praying for her. She was going through something with her family and of course I had no idea. But God knew. I thought she was on my heart for a different reason so I never thought to just simply… pray.

Some time after that something similar happened. A friend was on my heart. I called at some point but did not hear back. Learning my lesson the first time, I just started praying for her. When we finally did speak, I learned the adversity she’d been experiencing and I was so thankful I was obedient that time.

Last testimony… A friend was on my heart. We hadn’t caught up in a while. She was preparing for her career so I knew she was extremely busy. A few days went by, I was slick letting life get in the way. One day I was at the gym and she came to my heart. So I told myself to just shoot her a quick text to let her know she was on my heart and that I had been praying for her and told her to keep trusting God. She shot a quick text back. The next morning, she text me explaining that she was in a car accident just that yesterday some time after I text her. She mentioned how good God is and thanked me for my prayers. How wild does that seem?! I was overjoyed with emotion at the grace of God!

Be a blessing.

You see, God is so amazing! He wants to use us in amazing ways. He’ll tell us what to do by speaking, sometimes subtly, to our hearts. We just have to recognize that inner voice as God and be receptive and obedient to it.

Let us not pass up the opportunity to have God work in our favor. We never know in what ways He can bless us or even more, use us to bless others.


So let’s talk…

Can you attest to something like this happening in your life? Briefly, share what happened.

What has God been trying to tell you lately? Are you listening? Are you being obedient?

The Biblical Scoop!

“Consider carefully what you hear,” he continued. “With the measure you use, it will be measured to you – and even more.” (Jesus) – Mark 4:24

“Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ.” – Romans 10:17


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