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5 Ways To Escape Fear’s Grasp

All of us can probably attest to a point in our lives when we’ve been hit and paralyzed by fear. The feeling is not only frightening but it’s uncomfortable because we feel completely out of our element. So if you’re like me, usually we’re driven and persistent and feel that…


How To Gain Understanding When Someone Offends You

My husband keeps me grounded. My dramatic personality can sometimes have me be bold in situations that I should respond to more lightly. He saves me from making a bigger mess of things even if I mean well, especially if I’m defending myself. Sometimes we might get it in our…


How To Remove Yourself From An Unhealthy Friendship

Want to know a sometimes sad truth that you probably already know, but I’m going to tell it to you but in more detail anyway? Yes? Okay, cool. Sometimes we have friends or even best friends for only a season. I knew these two girls who were best friends and…