10 Things I’m Loving About Life in 2018

10 Things I’m Loving About Life in 2018

2018.. I must say, considering how 2017 ended, I was a bit skeptical about beginning a whole new year. 2018 marks the first full year where striving to be a healthcare provider is no longer on my radar. BUT, it’s also the first year I actually feel like I can breathe and that my heart isn’t heavy because I’m not striving for something that God didn’t have set out for me. I am at peace! So, this year has been pretty great so far!

10 Things in 2 0 1 8

  1. My husband Brandon and I became first time homeowners back in December! I’ve done some decorating since then, have been using Pinterest like crazy, and I slick feel like Joanna Gaines! We’re planning to get the interior and exterior of the house painted in a few months so I’m super excited about that. Brandon has been getting things to care for the lawn and will become our personal landscaper. But he loves that type stuff, so yay!
  2. Brandon and I started serving in the kid’s ministry at our church, and we absolutely LOVE IT! He does media and lights and I host (stage host) and lead small groups with the kids. I love that we’re doing this together, and I’m glad he talked me into going in this direction. I wanted to be on the praise and worship team for regular services but God had other plans. Being in the kid’s ministry has helped to revitalize my spirit. Even more though, I’m blessed knowing that I’m sharing and teaching God’s word to our young. I’ve lead the altar call a few times and witnessing the kids accept Jesus Christ into their hearts and being a part of that is beyond amazing.
  3. My nephew turned 1 on February 8! He’s the sweetest and cutest baby ever in life, and we had a good and stressful (lol) time planning his party! His Winter ONEderland was a success! We had also taken him to the local Children’s Museum, and he had such a great time exploring everything he could get his adorable, little hands on.
  4. My prayer life has grown so much! My relationship with my Holy Father and Savior is flourishing, and I could not be happier. I can feel and see the Lord working on me, molding and shaping me for my destiny and it feels GOOD!
  5. My older sister, Erin, is having another baby! So I will be the proud auntie of two sweet, cutie patootie’s in November! And that’s my birthday month! I can’t wait until we find out the sex. Team girl!
  6. I got my Go Getterness back! Nearing the end of last year, I had begun losing my confidence because I felt that I had lost a part of my identity after withdrawing from PT school. But lately, I have been doing things that I deem as bold and courageous and it’s only the beginning. My prayer life and relationship with God has changed things within me, and it excites me!
  7.  I’ve been reading a lot more this year, particularly inspirational books and listening to a lot of podcasts about personal development, life in general, and business. Three books I read a few months ago really impacted my life and motivated me to keep moving forward. I’ll write a blog post about pretty soon, so stick around!
  8. God has been opening doors of opportunity and allowing me to meet and befriend some incredible individuals. There’s an incredible woman who attends my church who God allowed me to have a special, spiritual connection with and I did not know why. I would speak to her in passing, but that was it. After I learned who she was, it all made sense! She is an extremely blessed and busy entrepreneur with a thriving business and booming social media presence. One evening, I was at an event where she was the speaker; I prayed for courage and I introduced myself and shared my story. I asked her if she would be my mentor, and she said, “Yes!”
  9. Brandon and I had our 2nd “wedding-versary.” And yes, I’m making up my own word. Let me explain.. On January 17, 2016 we said “I do!” in front of our family and friends at an actual wedding BUT we had already said, “I do!” on July 24, 2015 in front of our immediate family. SHOCKERRR! For some of you readers, I know! This year the hubby and I decided that we would celebrate our true anniversary in the summer. So, come July 24 we will be celebrating 3 wonderful years of marriage. Our checking account thanks us dearly!
  10. I celebrated my 5 year AKAversary! I’m a proud member of the illustrious Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. I’m hoping to join a grad chapter soon so I’m super excited about that! I love my PINK & GREEN!
  11. ADDED BONUS: I launched A Spoonful of Character! I never would’ve thought that I would have a blog. Honestly, I never really knew anything about the blogging world. What I do know is that I had so many thoughts and messages that I wanted to share with people, but making super long Facebook stats was so unrealistic. So, I kept things bottled up inside me or I would write them down in my phone and never do anything with them. Also, my younger sister, Alexis, had started a blog, Faith + Free Spirit, and I was and am so happy for her. I then went through a life change and God made me realize that this was my opportunity. So they both sparked courage within me, inspiring me to begin this journey. I started writing earlier this year and it’s been a long, hard-working process, but here it is!

I can only imagine what the rest of the year holds. God has been so amazing! I’m so excited for continuous growth and increase in my marriage and in my personal and spiritual endeavors.


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